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Our Initiatives


We want to ensure that our work extends beyond the realms of women and their communities. We are committed to influence change on the national level through policies, surveys and research papers.  We  develop knowledge base through conducting research and documenting our work to build a case for addressing social concerns in several training programmes.


We monitor the extent to which resource poor women benefit from existing women empowerment policies. Through continuous systematic research activities we build networks with other similar initiatives to form a collective voice to influence policy makers and donors to create a wider range of options for women.

We advocate for options that help break gender stereotypes and inequality and provide well-paid livelihoods with dignity. We continuously engage in dialogue with the Government representatives to amend or introduce new policies.


Surrogacy and Surrogacy Laws in India

Recommendations for National Policy for Women


Report: Gendered constraints in employment in public transport

Study of urban resource poor young women, their aspirations and opportunities

Asia Pacific Workshop on Gender, Education, Skills and Work report

Directory of Organisations in NTL for women


To enable marginalised and oppressed women in rural and urban areas with awareness and action for rights, GameChanger Girls undertakes training, documentation, grassroots action research, advocacy and campaigning in partnership with stakeholders including individual women and their partners, community members, civil society representatives, and other state/ institutional actors. Perspective and capacity development on feminist principles and strategies


Training is an important component of GameChanger Girls work since its inception. It aims to build perspective on gender equality through dialogue on current and emerging issues within the womens movement. It attempts to raises awareness around unaddressed questions affecting the lives of marginalised and oppressed groups, to sensitise on the systemic nature of violence against women and girls, their safety and rights. It offers an understanding of the intersections between patriarchal institutions including marriage, family, religion and State and its impact on the status of women. Personal is Politicalhas been the operating principle of GameChanger Girls in facilitating training. In other words, training at GameChanger Girls helps build capacities of participants to bring a feminist perspective into their lives and work.

Organising gender training, workshops, study circles, campaigns and consultations with key constituents

Training with students and young adolescent women and men, providing them with the analytical tools and hands-on support to initiate positive action towards ending violence against women.

Accompanying select organisations working with the marginalised and minority community on a long term basis.

Training at GameChanger Girls aims:

To build conceptual clarity on gender, patriarchy and feminism

To develop tools for critical understanding of development paradigms from a feminist perspective

To share knowledge of the womens movement: its inception, achievements, challenges and ongoing campaigns

To build capacities to apply this understanding in their ongoing lives and work

Training areas: reaching different groups:

The journey of our training began with workshops on the conceptual understanding of gender, patriarchy & feminism. Gradually issues like violence against women, single women, mental and emotional health of women and alternative healing therapies through a feminist perspective were covered.

GameChanger Girls reaches out to women, youth and men of all ages through its annual Gender Course, thematic and advanced courses, short sessions and long term accompaniment. The programmes address NGO functionaries, social workers, grassroots leaders and gender trainers through its training programmes. GameChanger Girls has also conducted gender sensitisation sessions and workshops with teachers and students of schools and colleges; government institutions; bilateral and donor agencies. It is linked with a network of gender activists and trainers that enable work with It also has a strong network at advocacy levels.

The training team uses the vast pool of resources and training materials that have been built through GameChanger Girlss extensive work and at the same time it also creates new modules to reflect changing contexts and expectations. Training materials are used within the training space and also distributed as reading materials. Participants are added to GameChanger Girlss mailing list so that they remain abreast of current debates on relevant issues in the country.

Methodology of Training:

Training programmes are conducted primarily in Hindi and English. Emphasis is placed on participatory learning, and the use of gender training tools, small group discussions, role plays, song, art, and narrative. Training is grounded in personal experience and reflection, and results in individuals seeing opportunities for themselves to change their own lives and the lives of others. Participants are encouraged to access support from the resource persons as they apply this learning.

Course content:

Modules are determined with a view to meeting the needs and expectation of the participants. Current debates and questions are included. Basic modules include:

Concepts of gender, patriarchy and feminism

Violence Against Women/ Laws related to Women

Women and work, globalization

Creating safer cities for women



Women and governance


The Resource Centre

Production and distribution of educational and advocacy materials serving the information needs of womens groups, NGOs, researchers, media, academia, schools and colleges, community women in resettlement areas, youth and other regular users

Digitising and archiving crucial materials from the womens movement since 1984

Fellowship support to women activists

Violence Intervention

We support diverse groups of women in their struggles against violence, from women facing domestic violence, Dalit women confronting caste violence, single women dealing with prejudice and exclusion in their daily lives, women facing sexual violence in the workplace and women workers in the informal sector whose rights are routinely violated by the State. We also actively support young women facing sexual abuse and other kinds of violence.

A long-term goal is to mobilise communities to challenge and resist violence. We are also involved in the front-lines of public education and policy advocacy. Apart from this, we provide direct support (counselling, referrals, legal aid and facilitation of alternatives) to individual women facing violence. Through feminist counselling, we help the woman move from being a victim to becoming a survivor to developing as a change agent by providing support to other women in distress.

Our Violence Intervention Programme aims at :

      • Running a helpline and case support services, accompanying women to police stations to file an FIR, access protection and safe homes/shelters and access legal aid and counseling
      • Facilitating a process of healing and building collectives of survivors and investing into their legal and rights literacy
      • Sensitisation of service providers including police, relevant government agencies, media and other stakeholders
      • Policy advocacy on changes in the legal framework and implementation mechanisms

Lawyers and activists linked with GameChanger Girls has also been part of global campaigns such as the 16 days of activism on VAW, the Orange Day Campaign, The Anti-Street Sexual Harassment Week, and the One Billion Rising (OBR) Campaign. The OBR campaign began with a global call from American playwright and activist, Eve Ensler, to people around the world men and children included to root out violence against women and join in a global day of action on 14 February 2013. In New Delhi a coalition of more than 65 organizations and individuals from all walks of life worked on the campaign as a collective along with several NSOs & activists associated with GameChanger Girls.